US State Data Map All Browsers
PHP, JavaScript, SVG-based data map. The SVG data is transformed using the Raphael JavaScript library allowing it to display in all browsers including older versions of IE. Data is retrieved from a MySQL database. A picklist allows for quick display of different data variables. A rollover popup shows detailed info about a state.

HTML5 Video Player For All Browsers
A custom HTML5 video player suitable for all browsers old and new. Three video formats are available (mp4, ogv, mov) and the player selects the format appropriate for the current browser. Browsers capable of using the HTML5 video player use either the mp4 or ogv format. The fallback for older browsers is the Quicktime plugin. The player is capable of playing both HD and SD videos and adjusts the size of the player to match the size of the video.

Aerial Photo Basemap
Flash/ActionScript 3 with UMapper.  The basemap is an aerial photo sliced into a set of custom tiles.  Map layers are derived from shapefiles converted to KML.  Mouse-over for info windows.

Flash Mapping
Flash/ActionScript 3 using geographic data in pixel coordinates.  KML data is tranlsated to pixel coordinates.  Includes zooming and navigation capabilities, and theme mapping examples.